OVRA Archives_DESK with
Annick Haldemann & Renée Magaña
OVRA Archives is a non- profit, artist association.

Members of the board:
  • - Renée Magaña (President)
  • - Annick Haldemann (Vice President)
  • - Günther Ketterer (Accounting)
  • - Carola Ertle Ketterer

Our History:

In order to better understand the workings of relevant art historical archiving and preservation, we contacted several experts from cultural institutions, libraries and museums including: Michelle Eligott (Museum Archivist The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, USA), David Farneth (Head, Institutional Records and Archives Department, The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, USA), Kathleen Salomon (Head, Research Services, Research Library, The Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, (USA), Marcel Zemp (co-founder, zetcom AG), Ruth Buck (Director, dock: aktuelle Kunst aus Basel), Centrik Isler, (Founder and Editor in Chief, likeyou - the artnetwork), Aline Feichtinger (art historian) and the Swiss Institute for Art Research in Zürich, Switzerland.

After further evaluating all manner of online archives in Switzerland, Europe and the USA, we realized that by using an already existing, professional and internationally accepted archiving system, the project would be able to immediately provide and transfer data. This was more valuable than creating a new product.

Financial partners were solicited.

Bernhard Huwiler, performance and video artist, introduces OVRA Archivesto Marcel Zemp and zetcom AG

Marcel Zemp and zetcom AG agree to sponsor the entire development of the database.

Dez. 21. 2007: founding of the OVRA Archives Association.

Performance, video and installative artists Mo Diener, Diana Dodson, Bernhard Huwiler and Ana Roldan are invited for testing. goes online.

22. April 2008: Tacheles XXXV - “Nachlässe und Archive”, PROGR, Berne

The inquiries for financial assistance by over 20 art foundations and associations during the development of the database proved that archive projects are generally misunderstood, considered unimportant and because of this, not supported. The inevitable public launching of OVRA Archives was only possible with the personal engagement of the artists, the financial support from private sponsors and the partnership and technical support from zetcom AG.

Through invitations and word of mouth over 20 artists join OVRA Archives.

August 13, 2009: OVRA Archives is publically launched, in the Kunsthalle Bern.
The launch is presented during the group exhibition „The Conspiracy/Die Verschwörung“, which includes three OVRA Archives artists. The Kunsthalle Bern provides rooms and infrastructure. 40 artists, curators, collectors and art interested persons are welcomed to an informative talk and presentation.

Dr. Ulrich Loock, then Deputy Director, Museu Serralves, Porto and Yves Netzhammer, artist, Zürich accept the patronage.

The Hess Art Collection, Bern recommends OVRA Archives.

2010 invites OVRA Archives to be their guest at the art KARLSRUHE 2010.

The first OVRA EDITION Nr 00 created by Mo Diener and is presented at the PROGR_Party.

OVRA Archives has received numerous positive feedbacks and inquiries from artists, curators, museums, etc. Because of this, we will continue in our efforts to provide artists and the art interested circles with our services.