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shilly-shally - lullaby in seven chapters
  • shilly-shally
    - lullaby in seven chapters
  • video
  • 2.28 min/s

  • Photobastei Zürich 29.9. bis 30.10.2016
  • shilly-shally shows two bodies rocking in a blue bag on a beach. The seven chapters of the nursery rhyme „Lavender’s blue“ visualise different phases of remembering, operating with overlaps. As in other video-pieces of mine shilly-shally combines a playful light heartedness with a slight threat beneath the surface and a melancholy of time gone by. Rocking is a movement and a wellknown feeling from childhood. A condition of being out of time and space, moving on a spot similar to the issues of memory. It is a prac-tice of banishing fear, balancing between absence and presence.