Resultate:  1

infected paintings
  • painting installation
  • all oil on cardboard
  • 2004
  • infected paintings, Kunstkeller Bern, 2004
  • The challenge of the exhibition “infected paintings” was to paint small pictures for a small room. Until now I had painted relatively big paintings (120 x 200 cm) which would not have enough space in artroom. I chose the film 28 Days Later from the English director Danny Boyle, because the apocalyptical vision of London and the precision with which each scene
    had been filmed, was a tremendous visual inspiration for me. On the one hand, I strove to create a claustrophobic atmosphere within the paintings and the exhibition on the other hand I did not want the paintings to become too narrative. This ridge between abstraction and realism is my starting point, painting lies upon the edge. I painted about 20 pictures. My inner world, my point of view, was presented in the exhibition “infected paintings” as an eerie atmosphere in a cramped space.