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goo goo muck (inspired by steven parino)
  • Malerei
  • pigment, Balakot soil and oil on linen
  • 2007
  • Kunstkeller Bern, 2009
  • Inspired from Steven Parrino‘s painting of the same name in the "La Marque Noire" exhibition, Paris, 2007.
    In urban american slang the word is also used for vampire.
    The name derives from a song sung by the 1976 psychobilly band The Cramps:

    "i turn into a teenage goo goo muck, i cruise through the city and i roam street, looking for something that is nice to eat, you better duck, when i show up... the goo goo muck. i‘m the night headhunter looking for some head, well the way a body underneath that head, well I‘ll get you baby with a little luck, cuz i‘m teenage tiger and a goo goo muck, you better duck, when i show up, the goo goo muck. the city is a jungle and i‘m a beast. i‘m a teenage tiger looking for a feast, i want the most but i‘ll take the least, cuz i‘m a goo goo muck tiger and a teenage beast. you better duck, when i show up. the goo goo muck." (written by Ed James)