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The Angels
  • Malerei
  • oil, wax, resin, Balakot soil and pigment on linen
  • 2007
  • Kunstkeller Bern, 2009
  • John Constantine is the fictional protagonist of the comic series "Hellblazer". The character is an 'occult detective' and first appeared in the horror comic "Swamp Thing #37", written by Alan Moore in which he was a recurring character. The film titled "Constantine" (2005) is roughly based on "Hellblazer".

    In the film, Constantine reveals Earth as a neutral realm between Heaven and Hell where God and Satan wagered on who could win the most souls among humans, which would one day lead to either the ultimate salvation or damnation of Earth, depending on the numbers. Though direct intervention by angels or demons is prohibited, ‚half-breeds' - humans with mixed angelic or demonic ancestry - are able to provide influence.