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Drawing Project
  • Rucksack, blauer Sand, Kamera
  • 1998/1999
  • The Drawing Project is about the nature of drawing. Drawing as a bodily movement, as mark making and memorizing, as an intellectual journey.

    I performed 21 drawings by walking with blue sand in my backpack leaving a trail behind me. The sand seeps onto the ground from a tube fastened to the bottom of my backpack. While l walk forward, the sand marks my trail behind me. The ground becomes an analogue for the "flatbed" picture plane, like a horizontal canvas: a surface that tabulates information.

    In a second step l follow the line with a video camera suspended from a boom. I use the camera as a viewing machine to spy out the evolution of the drawing on the ground. The camera cannot capture an entire drawing at once, just as no one can see the entire drawing. Only parts are visible at one time. The journey of the camera causes a restless image on the monitor.

    l consider these performances, this distinct process of mark making, as a kind of drawing tool, enabling me to create an endless variety of drawings at various sites, wherever l move throughout the United States. l produce a map as l browse the country.

    The lines drawn in the open are left to change and erode under local conditions. The drawings are ephemeral, they will fade out, be wiped away, be erased and disappear soon. What is left is an accumulation of videotaped lines drawn throughout the country. The Drawing Project is a diary of may adventurous journey in the United States, is the memory of an artistic gesture. The Drawing Project is a mapping of my personal experience in the United States and emphasizes the art history of this country, from the petroglyphs of the Native Americans to Land Art and Earthworks.

    Bernhard Huwiler, 2000