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The Memory Archive
  • various techniques
  • 2008 - 2011
  • Kunstkeller Bern, 2009
  • The Memory Archive investigates memory, its residual images and sometimes empty voids.

    "Forgetting, for instance, is a normal process, in which certain conscious ideas lose their specific energy because one‘s attention has been deflected. When interest turns elsewhere, it leaves in shadow the things with which one was previously concerned, just as a searchlight lights up a new area by leaving another in darkness. This is unavoidable, for consciousness can keep only a few images in full clarity at one time, even this clarity fluctuates.

    But the forgotten ideas have not ceased to exist. Although they cannot be reproduced at will, they are present in a subliminal state - just beyond the threshold of recall - from which they can rise again spontaneously at any time, often after many years of apparently total oblivion."
    - C.G. Jung, „Man and his symbols. Approaching the unconscious: Past and future in the unconscious.“

    (My) Memories are triggered by different occurrences: a smell, a photograph, a touch, a room, a sound.
    II pick a specific medium - objects, drawings, paintings, photographs, texts, collages - to investigate specific „clues“ from my memories.This becomes a diary to help document (present) experiences before they become memory, and captures „lost“ or forgotten memories. I only investigate what I effectively remember. The rest stays (empty) space represented by forms or the untouched medium (paper, canvas etc.). Some memories might be transformed into culturally specific moments, while others retain their intimate and “private” character.

    I envision the unconsciousness as a nebulous whole, like a fog bank; the singular memories representing the shadows as we see them in the fog bank. The works contained in The Memory Archive are designed to be exhibited in different combinations with each other. This corresponds with the structure of consciousness and unconsciousness - a random procession of images and thoughts implying certain associations in specific combinations.