Resultate:  1

Der Balkon
  • Installation
  • installation with projector and watercolours
  • 2008
  • CentrePasquArt Biel/Bienne
  • Foreigners watch television in blocks of flats, step out onto the balcony and look into the distance. This starting point brought about the title ‘The Balcony’ and designated the way the images were hanged.

    For fear of forgetting the artist realised the watercolours – a kind of securing of evidence.

    The light of the slide projector highlights a block of watercolour drawings on which Asian faces are shown. They are portraits of the artist’s relatives. The slide projector keeps running; now and again empty slides are projected. Between the slide-changes, the viewer stands for a moment in the dark. The projector, which is running permanently, is ever audible.

    By use of the slide-projector the artist constructs a military rhythm. The appearance and disappearance are vertices that attract attention in this piece of work.

    The installation was shown in the exposition Aeschlimann Corti Stipendium 2008 in the art house Centre Pasquart in Biel.