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"FOR ANNA LIVIA" (Finnegans Wake) - homage to James Joyce,Dublin, City Work
  • "FOR ANNA LIVIA" (Finnegans Wake) - homage to James Joyce,
    Dublin, City Work, 1991
  • Ausstellung
  • Ritual photographs landscape performance, photography cycles, installation, video, sound installation with music by Bruno Spoerri.
  • 1991
  • Performance "For Anna Livia - Homage to James Joyce" and large-scale
    street installation with 70 wall posters and public participation, in
    Dublin, 1991 Cultural City of Europe. 1 poster 70 x100 cm.

    Video film and city art work in Dublin, public art installation and
    performance, along the Liffey and the James Joyce trail.

    Public art intervention at O'Connell Bridge with large neon signs:

    Liffey runs black **** Liffey runs blue ***** Liffey runs red ******
    Liffey runs yellow ***** Liffey runs green **** The sun is low *****
    Liffey flows black **** Liffey flows blue ***** Liffey flows yellow
    ****Liffey flows green****** Sunless *******