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myFunerals no 1 purification, Performance Abdankungshalle Sarnen
  • Juerg Luedi

  • myFunerals no 1 purification, Performance Abdankungshalle Sarnen, 20.06.2013
  • Performance
  • 30 min/s
  • 1 water boiler, 1 bowl, 1 chair, 1 electrical outlet, cold water, 1 nail scissors, extension lead(s), 1 shroud, 369 sheets of gauze, 1 coat-hanger, 1 spot, fragrance essence (rose) / Performance
  • 20.06.2013
  • 20.06. - 30.06.2013 "Manöver Sarnen" Masterausstellung HSLU Design&Kunst
  • The performer of myFunerals - no 1 purification enters the installation space with a carrying case. He unpacks the devices for the ritual and gestures. He takes of his daily clothes, and nude he puts on a shroud. After the signal of the kettle the performer seats on the chair and starts cutting his nails, alternately one finger nail after another. Each cutted nail is placed distinctly on the sheet of gauze. After each cutted finger nail he places alternately his right or his left foot into the boiling water. The 20 cutted nails are arranged in two discontinuous lines. The performance comes to its end. The performer stands up and changes his clothes again. He leaves the room. The shroud stays on an coat-hanger on the wall.

    The setting reflects the culture of grieving and funeral practices in western capitalist societies, based on a search for related artist‘s positions and funeral practices in Berne, Lucerne and Sarnen. The artistic process grabs the theme of death and its representation.